Days of Night




Recorded by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate in 2007 and late 2008.
This is the final ANTAGONY recording.


released December 21, 2008

Carlos Saldana - vocals
Nick Vasallo - vocals, guitar, piano
Ryan Rey - guitar
Kyle Anderson - guitar
Christian Mitchell - bass
Brian Camera - drums

Kevin Skalba - cello
Justin Hughes plays drums on tracks 2, 4, and 5.
Guest vocals on tracks 2 and 5 by Justin Hughes.


all rights reserved



ANTAGONY Oakland, California

Formed in 1998, disbanded in 2009, and reformed in 2019, ANTAGONY are the O.G.'s of Bay Area Death-Grind-Core. Their highly influential sound can be heard in prominent extreme metal bands today. Former members of Antagony have gone on to such bands as Oblivion, All Shall Perish, Hacksaw to the Throat, Suffokate, Oblige, Misericordiam, The Zenith Passage, Connoisseur, and more. ... more

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Track Name: Terror
As my thumbs penetrate through your iris to optic nerves,
I will clench my fingers until my nails dig deep within your temporalis.
And the sound of ripping flesh will drown out your screams.
With my bare hands I tear off your livelihood.
Silencing your cries for mercy by stuffing your facial tissue down your throat.
NOW YOU KNOW the terror and evil I am capable of.
Now you know the terror...
In the darkest room of your mind, I WILL BE WAITING.
This is what YOU will get - SCAVENGER.
You will never be safe again.
You poisoned my world FOREVER, despite the signs of warning.
For this, you will suffer beyond imagination.
Track Name: The Truth Will Be Known
I'll make my sacrifice, adulation to desolation.
The only legacy in your wake - malicious revenge.
Omit the past to secure a future YOU HAVE STOLEN.
Your prophetic plan is doomed by your apathy and selfish motives.
The Truth Will Be Known when the day is done.
I'm tired of this chapter in MY LIFE, I'm done.
Clouds, stretching across the magenta horizon.
Like another LOST LOVE - you're fading, transparent.
Embark on this quest, dispelling all illusions.
Dissolving myself, NEVER-ENDING conclusions.
Ice, hail...stormy rain. Crimson thunder - exploding.
Cold vitality, See Through These Eyes...NEVER AGAIN.
Emptiness surrounds no longer. Belonging to the realm of this world.
Track Name: The Ladder
If you're frightened of dying
and you're holding on...
You will see devils tearing your life away.
But if you've made your peace,
then the devils are really angels,
freeing you from the earth.
The only thing that burns in Hell
is the part of you that won't LET GO OF life.
Your memories, YOUR ATTACHMENTS...
They BURN THEM ALL away.
Track Name: Voyage
I am going to create a revolution.
No longer will we depend on the Earth's Blood.
You have inflicted this addiction and we will kick it cold. (and rise, we will rise)
I SEE a day when this world will be on the Road to Recovery.
I refuse to be another nameless subject to your master plan.
THE FUTURE is in my eyes.
AND until then, I AM starting a voyage and I am TAKING YOU with me.
Track Name: Exhale Her Poison
The combination of factors preventing this from happening is indomitable.
Alone I may not be able to change the world but I can make a dent.
I'm starting to despise everyone around me. You breathe in her life and exhale her poison.
You don't deserve to breath the air she gives you.
It's for the ones who spit on my world, (disrupting life, destroying my life) it's ONLY YOU that I despise.
The ones who pretend to care, the ones who openly spit on my world.
You don't deserve to breathe the air she gives you. (Spit on my world)
You breathe in her life and exhale her poison.
Track Name: Undying Sun
Beneath the darkest of waters,
fragments of light come from above.
The light long abandoned never dies...
Your name is now AN ETERNAL WOUND
and will shadow everything I do.
Even after our days are done -
You must my undying sun.
OPENING the door you once slammed closed...
and will shadow everything I do.
I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in MY HEART,
and forever it will stay.
AFTER ALL is said and done,.
I KNOW you are my undying sun.
Track Name: El Banquete
mi desgracia fue en confiar en ti
mi arrepentimiento fue en creer en ti
i mi miseria es tu pago total.
Mentira traz mentira
engano traz engano
mi confianza fue en vano
te di todo lo que era mio
i sin pensarlo dos veces, lo tirastes al vacio
lo tirastes al vacio
desde el primer dia todo lo tenias bien planeado
me arrancastes el corazon i se lo distes a ratas rabiosas.
i ahora el banquete esta en mi. .. en mi
i las ratas festean en el amor que yo tube por ti.
Track Name: Days Of Night
The sky TURNS BLACK. Will this last?
Or will YOU BETRAY as I sit and wait?
Time stands still, AND will until…
you find your way from disarray.
Days of Night…
You TURNED your back on me,
where was YOUR HEART?
NOW I can't turn back...

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