Rebirth 11:55
Hybrid 03:05
GROWN FROM ANCIENT LIES the virus took us THEY CAME FROM THE SKIES transmission of evil "PATHOGENS INJECTED AND THE" strain becomes pandemic for the "PRIMATE MAN CANNOT ESCAPE FROM" desperation of extinction InCuBaTiOn... parasitic organisms DESIGNED TO TRIGGER MUTATION the hybrid is born "BEGINNING OF THE END" "the beast man now truly a beast" HIS HEART.HIS MIND.UNHOLY DESIGNS "power.greed.controlling the weak" THE NEW WAY OF LIFE.CORRUPT TO SURVIVE we are not alone all around us.alien souls hidden inside genetic lines time buries the truth behind
Last Days 04:11
I was wrong in doubt too long Just another day… Everyday it’s cold there’s warmth In nowhere to go home Open the door by force Open the door…by force Waiting for…god to come…back Return to the massacre Instincts bring your death closer Hope held tight Falling down on life Memory frames stain your eyes Fading pictures of another life Unleash the power of depression Rebirth of deception No more we see Weak wills darken the heart Die with grace and god Weak wills darken the heart Die with grace and god Signs that trick your mind What to me is life? Signs that trick your mind What to me is life?
One more time…just a small taste Give me signs to a better place Hell is here stuck in my life Die in fear through loathsome eyes Only thoughts of one thing I can’t escape my urge Break the need to force feed I can’t stop Seeing black in your hearts Only shit in my head? No one sees my way Help me outta this rage I’m in too deep now…today is yesterday Awake inside this tortured conflicted mind don’t look in the dark you will see nothing you love and it hurts my eyes to see the herds blind to the lies blind to the lies
There’s something dark in my head It’s hiding back and lurking beneath the black And I try to force it out It won’t leave in peace. It’s here right now Trying to breathe I freeze. I see the dark It manifests into the vision I see Making a deal with evil’s hand I won’t be touched by the creature in black Idummu Barra Idummu Barra All thoughts sinking to red spread views Cuz hiding out in this world is sanity Own an excuse to step in the grey Crawling out into your everyday face Onslaught of internal rage Lack of sleep. Wide awake Constant reasons to numb the brain What is left is empty space Gigim Xul Barra Gigim Xul Barra Hate and lies conquers my mind Release the chains of fear and break away from life Pain inside I cannot hide It’s in your heart and it’s in my eyes


Recorded by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate. This was our most critically-acclaimed album.

After multiple lineup changes which halted the recording of this album, this was the return of a stable lineup for Antagony that lasted 4 years. This album should have been released in 2002.
Guest vocals from: Ben Orum, Eddie Hermida (All Shall Perish), Craig Betit (ex-All Shall Perish), Jared and Carlos (Suffokate), and Ben Caragol (Hacksaw to the Throat).


released June 1, 2005

Carlos Saldana - vocals
Nick Vasallo - guitar, vocals
Kyle Anderson - guitar
Christian Mitchell - bass
Justin Hughes - drums


all rights reserved



ANTAGONY Oakland, California

Formed in 1998, disbanded in 2009, and reformed in 2019, ANTAGONY are the O.G.'s of Bay Area Death-Grind-Core. Their highly influential sound can be heard in prominent extreme metal bands today. Former members of Antagony have gone on to such bands as Oblivion, All Shall Perish, Hacksaw to the Throat, Suffokate, Oblige, Misericordiam, The Zenith Passage, Connoisseur, and more. ... more

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